all your base are belong to us

June 20, 2001 under Computers, Internet, Life

Not much has been updated yet. I’ve been busy at work with customizing our Microsoft Exchange 2000/Outlook 2000 implementation. Exchange/Outlook programming is fun, but sometimes tedious 🙂 After coming home, I don’t really have the energy to work on Maybe the summer weather will inspire me or something like that. Then again, summer is my least favourite season. We’ll see. I’m heading up to Timmins for a week of vacation during the first week of July so I definitely won’t be working on the site during that time.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

A magical phrase that’s making its way around the Internet in record time. I’ve seen it on t-shirts and mugs. I’ve also heard it as a victory taunt during some of my Unreal Tournament sessions (I’m sure that other games like Quake 3 Arena and Half Life aren’t spared, either). “Where does this saying come from”, you ask? A game for the for the good ol’ Sega MegaDrive (Japan) and Sega Genesis (North America and Europe), called ZeroWing. The developer of the game is Toaplan, a video game software company based in Japan. It’s
a side-scrolling space shooter in the same vein as the Gradius series from Konami. The big flaw in ZeroWing, however, is the poor Japanese-to-English translation of the game’s dialog. And the most famous phrase in the opening movie of the North American and European version of the game is “All your base are belong to us”. Use Google or another search engine to research this phrase and an insane amount of results will be returned. I’ve been using the dialog from ZeroWing as a salutation or conversation starter. Either way, you have no chance to survive make your time 🙂

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