past familiarity and present weirdness collide

April 16, 2005 under Life

Have you ever had one of those moments where past familiarity and present weirdness collide? For myself, one of those moments happened last night…

Dena and I went out with some of her work friends and those friends’ friends. I should set the scene by first mentioning that for the night, I limited myself to two pints of Moosehead since it was decided that I’d be the designated driver/responsible one (a frequent designation, I might add). I’m also the youngest one here; Dena, being a mere 33 days older than me, is a close second 😉 I won’t get into all of the details, but here are some observations to illustrate my point. Now I haven’t seen someone pull a whitey since…well, I can’t immediately recall so let’s just say ‘since a long time ago’. But I did see that last night. BTW, if you don’t know what “pulling a whitey” means, don’t ask. Anyway, being the driver for the evening, I offered to take said whitey-puller home. Our car again smells faintly like vomit in much the same area as it did on this night. I think the vomit scents maybe genetically similar, if you catch my drift. I return to the pub to find Dena and the gang preparing to settle the tab. Prior to leaving, I get caught up in a conversation about XTC, The Pixies and The Undertones with one of the lawyers in Dena’s office and some guy named Nick from England who I had just met at that moment. I don’t get the opportunity to engage in face-to-face conversations about topics like this often anymore, so I thought it was kewl. But shortly after the conversation begain, the tab was settled and it was decided that we’re going hot tubbin’. Hot tubbin’, WTF?!? But first, I had to follow someone else home to make sure they made it. Dena and I then return for hot tub fun. I’ve had a long day at work, ate a big supper, drank enough beer to be relaxed (but very far from inebriation) and performed the duties of the designated responsible one. I’m tired and sitting in an outdoor hot tub will most defintely suck any remaining energy from me that I may need. So I hung out from the sidelines. By 4:30AM, after we’ve driven everyone else home, Dena and I finally make it home. And of course being the early riser that I am, here’s yours truly 😉

It was just a weird concoction of past familiarity and present weirdness.

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